Fire safety

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Fire safety


There are many ways you can prevent a fire, you can remeber not to leave the stove on, don't smoke, and don't play with fire around things that burn. As you can see there are many ways to prevent a fire, these aren't even all of the ways, there are many many other ways to prevent a fire.

Keegan Coultard

How to prevent a Fire

How to be prepared

To be prepared for a fire you could keep a bag with some cash that has some clothes and food like nuts. You could also have some flashlights to. Another thing would be a cellphone and a charger. All of this is so if there is an actuall fire you can still get like a hotel and food.

What to do in a fire.

After a fire has occured

Go to the nearest exit away from the fire and go to your safe spot. Never go back in a burning building.

After a fire has occured look for any remains that may be left from the fire. If you have any family you could go live with them. If you don't have any family you can go live in a hotel. That is where the bag with money would come in handy.


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