Fire Management

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Fire Management


WHY Indigenous Australians use fire as a management tool:Controlled fires are used to: - Harvest the land - Avoid major bushfires- Sustainably manage the environment.

Sustainability- Saves flora and fauna. For example, ant colonies or young trees can survive and it keeps grass seeds intact. The heat doesn’t ignite the oil in a tree’s bark.- Self-extinguishing. The fire extinguishes straight after it burns the grass (“self-extinguishing fire”).

HOW Indigenous Australians use fire as a management tool:- Cool fire: night time or early mornings are ideal for cool fires as during the day plants sweat out flammable oils, and a nightly dew helps cool down the fire.- During a morning burn the wind is often gentle and supports Aboriginal people direct the burn. Without the help of the wind burning cannot happen at the right time.- Ideal time is the early dry season, between May and July.



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