Fire in My Hands

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Fire in My Hands

Gary Soto

Many of Gary Soto's poems from "A Fire in My Hand" are about growing up in California, in a poor neighborhood with with siblings and mother. You see this common theme in many of his books. His books center around the Hispanic culture, that he grew up in.

Meet Gary Soto

Gary Soto's poem are direct and full of emotion. His poems in this memoir are inspired by his childhood growing up in California's Central Valley. Favorie Poems:How to Sell ThingsOrangesPepper Tree

The Story about ...

What's the connection?

Memoir: A Fire in My Hands

Born and raised in Fresno, California with his mother and siblings, his father died when he was young. He still resides in California with his wife and daughter. He is a proffesor at the University of California at Riverside.


How he became an author...One day in college, age of 20, he was in the libary and read a book of poems, he then began writing poems of his own. He then decided to be a writer.

Baseball and Other Stories: California Library Association's Beatty Award, ALA Best book for young readersThe Afterlife: Booklist Editor's Choice, New York Public Library Book for Teen AgePetty Crimes- PEN Center Best Book Award1999- Literature Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

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