Fire and Safety

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Fire and Safety

Fire & Fire Safety

How you should respond during a fire.* You should always be prepared to call the fire department during a fire. * When you get caught on fire make sure you stop, drop, and roll. * Always get down under the smoke so you don't inhale the smoke because it will get in your lungs.

How should you prevent a fire. * Always keep baking soda so when you have a oil fire starts on fire you can put it on the grease because water and oil don't go well together* Also always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.* If the fire gets out of control always call 911.* Always check your fire alarms once a month.

How to respond during a fire?

After the fire has gotten put out and ended.* You should always keep a extra bag of clothes some where at like grandma's or aunt's and uncle's.* If you have a credit card you may want to keep it some where or with someone you trust so you always have money.

Fire Triangle

What makes a fire?

How To Prevent a Fire?

How to be prepared in case a fire does occur?

A plan for after the fire.

How to be prepared for a fire.

* Always make sure your fire alarms are working. Check them at least once a month to make sure the batteries are still working.* Keep the door shut because during a fire when you feel the door knob and its hot don't go out the door.


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