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Fiona p. 2

Expecting Fiona: The Zoo Prepares for a New Baby Hippo The zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo used ground-breaking technology in new ways to see that Bibi was pregnant. After that, the zookeepers started to make plans for the new baby hippo. History-Making Hippo Ultrasound Zookeepers began to suspect that Henry and Bibi might have made a baby hippo in July 2017.They began performing weekly ultrasounds on Bibi in August, looking for a possible pregnancy. “Hippos are generally known for being very difficult to train and many folks were skeptical that we would be able to pull this off,” said Dr. Jessye Wojtusik, from the Zoo’s Center for Conservation & Research of Endangered Wildlife. Keepers gave Bibi her favorite foods, to get the 3200-pound hippo to stand in a spot, lean against a gate and stay still during ultrasound procedures. “On a good day, she’ll hold her position for up to 15 minutes, giving us plenty of time to search for the baby,” said Africa head keeper Wendy Rice. Zoo scientists were able to capture the first ever ultrasound image of a Nile hippo fetus. Expecting Fiona The baby Nile hippo grows inside its mother for eight months. Bibi’s official due date was in March. The zoo began making plans and assumed Bibi would deliver her baby in her indoor pool. Henry would be separated from Bibi during the birth and for about two weeks after. In the wild, female hippos leave the group a couple days before birth and return with the calf 10-14 days later.Unfortunately, things did not go quite as expected.

Fiona's ultrasound. Bibi was trained to stand still for up to 10 minutes for this procedure.

Henry, Fiona's Dad

Bibi, Fiona's Mom

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