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Finn Response

"What if we asked - How can schools improve the social and economic well being of poor and working class families as a whole so that schools that serve them will not be hamstrung by the negative effects of too little money in the homes of their students?"(Finn 2009 p. 170)

If we are to truely educate the vast majority of the working class chidlren, we need a major paradigm shift. We must replace the old paradigm of extrinsic motivation and individual border crossing with a New Paradigm of Frierian motivation and poor and working class children (who will no doubt continue to leave school at the end of high school, or sooner) to become better able to exercise their civil, political, and social rights... It's the literacy of "thick democracy", where citizens don't rely on politicians to secure and protect their rights. Instead citizens organize to secure and protect their own rights. (Finn 2009 p 197)

Connect the dots... PLEASE!1. Political view of education2. Training for social class3. Historical v. contemporary schools4. Voluntary/involuntary minorities5. Lack of HS success/Oppositional Id./Working Class6. Effects of low literacy as a cycle7. Using literacy - Kinesthetic literacy

How does a student teacher think about the contexts of students?

How about asking students who need us?

Who should be asking questions?

Utah Phillips on Highlander Folk Schools

Who are we asking questions for?

This is where I am now. I think I need some more stickies...

Do administrators care if we ask these questions? Do they want us to? Do they ask themselves?

This is where my journey began. Where will it end?


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