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Finland has a pretty cool back story. Finland started in 1000 a.d. They imported around bothnia coast. The sweeds owned finland in 1150 through 1809. They declared independence in 1917 and in 1919 there constitution. in world war two they lost alot of land to the soviets. But they joined the unided nations in 1955 and got the land back. fourty five years they have a girl presedent. So finland has a pretty cool back story.


Finald is a pretty normal country just like there weather. Northern finland does not have much extreme weather conditions. Southern finland doesn't have much extreme weather but they still have some. so finland is a good place to go if you like normal weather. Beacuse all the high winds gets stoped by the moantaians. Plus they are next to the baltic sea. They are also next to the gulf of bathnia. So finland is not a very thrilling place to live but it is sure a great place to relax.


Have you ever thought would it be different to run for goverment in finland. Finlands goverment was a parlament with two hundred people in it with a four year serve. With the two biggest parties the democrats and national coalistion party. Each head govoner is decided by the president. finland is also divided into five provinces. So there goverment has two main parties like america. That is what they finland goverment is like.


have you ever wondered how do finland make there money. Finland used to be big in agirculture but now they trade. they get oil, coal, food, and vechicals. They trade with germany, sweeden, russia, united kingdom and they usa. So they really dont need farming. But they also have money thats they use. So finland is pretty modern with them trading with some of the worlds biggest tradders. That is what finlands economy is all about.


The finish people are pretty cool. They speak finnish and sweedish. so not all of them use finnish. so that is a cool fact in its self. They also play sports like skiing and long distance running and other track and field avents. They also fish and hunt. Alot of finnish people got to a sauna a room with steam from hot coals it is a national tradition. So that is why the finnish people are awesome.


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