Finland v. USA

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Finland v. USA


- Finland's overall life satisfaction score: 8.8- USA's overall life satisfaction score: 7.5- Student loan rates (high in US, low in Finland)- no high tech white boards in Finland- Finnish teachers are more respected- "I don't care" attitude occurs more in US.- US spends more money

Finland is known to have better education compared to the United States.


Finland v. USA


- both are committed to improving education - need a strong welfare system as a foundation


- No standardized testing- Schools are funded based on their need- Less emphasis on competition- Finland spends fewer hours physically in school

Finland started out on the bottom and worked their way to the top. If countries try to do exactly what Finland does with their education it may not have the same results. The evaluation-driven and centralized model is what Finland got away from to be successful.

Key Components


Succeed in US?

I don't think it would succeed in the US. For Finland, it is easier to disperse benefits throughout their country because it is a lot smaller compared to the US. Although, states could start out doing it within themselves to try to make a difference.


- less standardized testing- fund the schools that need it- increase problem-solving and critical thinking to learn- lower the cost or spend less money to get better results


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