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Juha Sipila

HELSINKI — The opposition Center Party has won Finland’s parliamentary election, but its leader faces tough talks on forming a government after the success of a populist, anti-establishment party that has refused to join such talks in the past.That party, the Finns Party, won more seats than each of the main partners of the current governing coalition, the conservatives and Social Democrats.Juha Sipila, the leader of the Center Party, said he would approach the leaders of the three parties on Monday.“Finding trust between the future government parties is the most important factor,” said Mr. Sipila, whose center-right party traditionally represents farmers and landowners.Mr. Sipila, a self-effacing millionaire businessman who entered politics four years ago, warned that Finland, in the midst of a three-year recession, was in a “difficult” situation.“It will take 10 years to get Finland back into shape,” Mr. Sipila told reporters.Prime Minister Alexander Stubb had campaigned on economic issues and acknowledged that his government had not made sufficient changes. He has also advocated spending cuts of 6 billion euros ($6.5 billion) over the next four years, a proposal strongly opposed by Mr. Sipila, who says half the amount would suffice.The leader of the Finns Party, Timo Soini, who has vehemently opposed bailouts for ailing eurozone members and advocates kicking Greece out of the zone, dropped out of government formation talks in 2011 because the other parties supported bailouts.Mr. Soini declined to discuss whether his party would take part in future government talks.

Finnish Opposition Wins VoteBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESSAPRIL 19, 2015

New York Post (Source)

So Basicully in Finland they are trying to resolve disputes between the differnet parties over money problems.


Center party

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb


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