Fingerprint Recognition for Computer Login

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Computer Science

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Fingerprint Recognition for Computer Login

Fingerprint Recognition for Computer Login

Workflow Analysis•Time consuming•Hassel of new passwords•Stolen credentials

Organizational Readiness• Organizational support • Training required • Reflecting on DOI Theory • Obstacles

Testing• Pilot Study• Support Staff• Remodeling

Planning Implementation• Time frame for implementation • Mitigating risks• Possible risks • Teamwork → Successful Implementation

Functional Requirements•Cognitive-effort saving•Time convenience•High accuracy•User friendly•Pop-up error messages•Automatic alerts

Solution•IMB ThinkPad T42 •LifeBook S7000•U.are.U 4500 (Chosen Solution)

Introduction •Humans remain one of the biggest weaknesses when discussing computer security.•Benefits: Increased security, cognitive-effort saving, and time convenience. •ICU unit at a level 1 trauma center.

Stakeholders• Physicians• Nurses• Consulting departments• Diffusion of Innovations (DOI)


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