Finding the Titanic

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Finding the Titanic

Author: Robert D. Ballard


Main EventsThe main idea is that the largest ship in the world, in their time was going afloat.Then the largest ship afloat hit then broke into 2 pieces and had sank,then thousands of people died.

SettingsThe setting was in many oceans,of course the titanic ship,the rescue ships and many more.

CharactersThe characters in the story are Robert D. Ballard,Ruth Becker,Richard,Marion,Mrs. Becker

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What you think about the Book?

The propblem was that the largest ship afloat had hit an iceberg and had sanked and many of those people on the ship had lost their lives at sea.

"We might even arrive in New York early-if we don't run into ice." "So I hear."said Mrs.Becker. "I wouldn't mind seeing an iceberg,thiugh,"he continued "I'm told they're quite a sight,"

I think that this book was very interesting and has an little bit of sad parts.The interesting part about this book was that in that time line that ship was the largest ship afloat.Now,for the sad part was that the largest ship afloat hit an iceberg and had sank and many people lost their lives at sea.


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