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The Lovely Bones

Alice Sebold is the author of The Lovely Bones and Lucky. She lives in California with her husband Glen David Gold. Alice is also the winner of the American Booksellers Association and recieved "Book of the Year" award.

Susie Salmon was murdered on December 6th,1973 when she was 14 years old. Susie watches her life down on earth. Susie was really close with her dad and the emotions she is feeling her dad feels them as well.

Jack Salmon is Susie's father. Jack is always angry and really depressed about Susies murder. Jack is a person who wants to help with police look for his daughter. Jack and Susie had a great family bond and so did Jack and his wife Abigiail.

Mr.Harvey is a 36 year old sexual predator. He lives next to Suies family. He is the one who killed Susie in the cornfeild. He is a sick person who like raping little girls and killing them.

Conflict: Mr. Harvey rapes and kills Susie Salmon and lives her under ground for the police to find her. Man v. Man is used in this conflict because its one person going against the other.

"I was slipping away, that's what it felt like, life was leaving me, but I wasn't afraid; then I remembered: "There was something I was meant to do; somewhere I was meant to be." (pg.

“I know that heaven is real. And I know she’s watching over me.” (pg.13)

"It was only a moment, and then I was gone." (pg.235)

The ship in a bottle is a symbol in the book of what Susie liked to do with her dad. It also shows how close of her and her father were. They would make boats in bottles all the time. When Susie he smashed one because of how upset and angry he was was.

This is the first book that I have actually read through fully and quikly. I really liked this book because it makes it kind of a mystery and I love books like. I also saw the movie and loved it so I thought i would like the book too.

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