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Final Glog Entry

How has this experience with inquiry influenced your beliefs about teaching?Through this inquiry assignment, I have learned that teaching and learning can also be done outside of the classroom. At the Glazer Museum, I noticed many things about both teaching and learning. One of the things that grabbed my attention was the design of each unit in the museum. The layout was done very strategically and purposefully. The setup allowed children to explore, learn and teach themselves, with little to no assistance at all. Another thing that caught my eye was how much fun the kids and adults had with each other at the museum. One of the parents even stated that she loved being a part of her daughter’s educational progress and liked that they were able to explore and learn together. Overall, observing and actually teaching in an alternative space opened my eyes up to many things that I would love to include in my future classroom. Things such as drama, drawing, dancing, and even incorporating music. Each of these strategies can target each of my students and may change their outlooks on learning.

What are some themes about learning in alternative spaces?There were a number of themes that I noticed while volunteering at the Glazer Children's Museum. Listed below are a few that I observed. 1. Kids teach themselves: Because of the layout and design of the museum, kids are able to explore and teach themselves. Through the kinesthetic approach that the museum uses, children are allowed to do things on their own. For example: They have an airplane unit where the members are able to first make an airplane and then fly it using a special machine. To successfully make the airplane, the kids are able to read or follow the images that will guide them to successfully making their airplane (with little to no help from their parent(s). 2. Kids teach kids: This is something that the schools are really capitalizing on right now; I have witnessed this in the classroom and also during my field experience. This is an amazing thing to watch and, from what I’ve seen, most kids learn better from peers than adults. Because of the connection and communicative terms, kids are able to understand and grasp certain concepts and messages from their peers.3. Adults teach kids: Adults teaching kids is the most common way people view teaching and learning. Through volunteering, I think this should be a last result. If students are grasping concepts without assistance from the adult, I would go with it. At the Glazer Museum, I was able to capture the kids’ interests and quickly remove myself from the group. Sometimes the children would ask for assistance when they were so close to the solution and I just ask them questions, guiding them to the answer.

My Final Glog Entry

Glazer Children's Museum

How can you take this learning back to your internship in the fall?I definitely plan on taking everything that I’ve learned to my future internships. I will try to utilize each of the arts into my lessons by applying at least one to each lesson. I also plan to remind and possibly enlighten my Collaborating Teacher on the arts and using them throughout some of his/her lessons.

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