Final Exam Project EDU 223

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Final Exam Project EDU 223

Chapter Learning Goal:Digital Content and Educational Websites*Using Web-based educational materials and digital content in teachingNew Technologies:-Bookmarking Tools-Social bookmarking tools-Information alerts-WebQuests-Virtual field trips-Interactive maps-Interactive videoconferencing-Lesson plan websites-Student-to-expert communication websites-Real-time and recorded data websites-Archival and primary source websites-Skills/practice websites-Exploration and discovery websites

Chapter Six

Teaching with Educational Websites and Other Online Resourcesby: Krisi Larson

Connecting to the NETS

Chapter Six

Virtual Field Trips

*NETS-T:(2)Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments(3)Model Digital Age Work and Learning*Nets-S: (3) Research and Information Fluency

Students in this classroom are on a virtual field trip to the zoo!

Check out this Animoto!

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