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Film Techniques

Close Up: A close up can be from the shoulders to the top of the head or even closer. The purpose of a close up is usually to help the audience connect with the character of focus.

Cut In: A cut in shot will shift from a distant framing to a closer view of some portion of the same space. For instance, you could be filming a student writing at her desk from a distance. You could then shoot a more detailed aspect of the student such as her phone she is using to text.

My students will learn various film techiques. Once they learn a technique, they film what they learn.

Film Techniques by Chris Clementi

Cutaway: These shots cut from the action to a detail and then come back to the original shot. For example, a shot could be focusing on a skier going quickly down a slope. It might then focus on a person at the bottom of the slope looking toward the skier with shock on their face. The film could then focus on the skier laying on the slope next to a large tree. This gives you the illusion that the skier crashed and that is why the second person had a shocking look on their face. This also keeps you from having to see the actual crash that never took place.

Zoom in Zoom Out: This occurs when you either zoom in or out from a focal point. It should be used sparingly because our eyes don't work that way.

Medium Shot: This shot will focus from the waist to the head. You will often see this during a talk show. It is considered one of the most common shots.

Panning: Panning consists of the camera pivoting horizontally on the tripod from either the left to right or right to left. When using this technique it is recommended that the camera moves slow and smooth.

Special Thanks to Paul, Aaron, Animoto, Glogster, Thor888 and Jewel Beat

Tilt consists of the camera pivoting vertically on the tripod moving from top to bottom or bottom to top. When using this technique it is recommended that the camera moves slow and smooth.


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