Film reflection: Connections to Classroom

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Film reflection: Connections to Classroom

Film Reflection:Connections to Classroom Learningby Sharon Thomas

Multiple Forms of ExpressionI want to go beyond just the use of books in the classroom. I want to incorporate the use of poetry, journals, speeches, letters, interviews, songs, video, cartoons, artwork, plays, and technology. This will help to engage students with a variety of interests and make the learning relevant.

Provide Multiple Perspectives I plan to do the following types of activities in my classroom: debates, reading from a variety of sources, persuasive writings, class discussions in which students justify their stance on a position, interviews with parents, experts, and community leaders.

Connect #1MultipleHistoricalPerspectives

Connection #2Forms of Expression

Collaborative ProjectsStudents need opportunities to work together and share ideas. These types of activities can be based on interests or viewpoints that the students have. I plan to incorporate problem-based learning activities in which students work together to find solutions to problems. By doing so, they learn to negotiate, and use communication and leadership skills.

Connection # 3CollaborativeGroups

As a result of watching the film The People Speak (Zinn, Moore, & Arnove, 2009), I have made connections that will impact my teaching of integrated social studies and literacy in the classroom.

ReferenceZinn, H., Moore, C., & Arnove, A. (2009) The people speak [Documentary].



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