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Film and Video Editor

Kaia Grobe

PREPERATION-Bachelor's Degree-Years of work experience

Film and Video Editor

Once the edits are made, film and video editors review the film and correct errors. Editors go through the review and edit cycle several times until they are satisfied with the result. They may add dialogue, music, and special effects. They work closely with people who specialize in audio, visual, music, and special effects.

OVERVIEWBefore they do any editing, film and video editors review the script with producers and directors. They discuss the story line and what scenes the director thinks are most important. Editors need to know what the producers and directors expect of the film so that they can edit it to match the creators' vision.

MEDIAN WAGE: $37,870

EMPLOYMENT AND OUTLOOKUnited States -Employment is very small -Growth is minimal -Very few openings



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