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1. Weight of bone If we consider that bones have weight and compare it with something strong, bones are six times more stronger than steel. If bones and steel are taken into same weight. 2. Smallest bone Human bones are of various sizes, some are large, while others are very small. Smallest bone in human body is equal to size of rice grain. 3. Bones in feet There are 206 bones in human body; some parts have more bones, while others have less. Human feet have 52 bones. 4. Bones in babies In new born babies there are around 300 bones. With the age small bones join together to make big bones, and an adult human has 206 bones. 5. Construction of bones Outer layer of bone is hard, while from inside they are spongy and slightly flexible. In the middle of some bones a jelly like material is found, called as bone marrow. This material produces new blood cells.6. Largest bone Largest bone in human body is hip bone. Infect, it is collection of six bones, which are firmly bounded together. 7. Longest bone Longest bone is the femur bone, which is present in thigh. It makes one quarter of the total height of human body. 8. Types of bones Bones can be categorized into different types. Such as, long bones, flat circular bones, long circular bones and flat irregular bones. 9. Bones in hand There are many bones in hands, eight bones in wrist, five in palm and fourteen bones make hinged joints in finger and thumbs. 10. Bones are alive Many of us think that bones are dead cells. However, bones are alive when they are in human body. They have network of nerves and blood vessels. They can store calcium and have living cells.poster yourself



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