Filippo Brunelleschi

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Filippo Brunelleschi

Early Life:

Education:- schooled with literary and math backgrounds- attended Arte della Seta (silk merchant's guild)1392 - started apprenticeship as goldsmith1398 - became guildmaster goldsmith

How an Amateur Built the World's Biggest Dome

Family: - second of 3 sons- father, Brunelleschi di Lippo, wasdistinguished notary (lawyer)- mother, Giuliana Spini

Bronze Door Competition

Florentine Cathedral

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1419 - 1427The silk merchant guild, to which Brunelleschi belonged, commisioned him to design a cheritable institution.The Foundling Hospital (Hospital of the Innocents) was of the first of the Renaissance architecture.It consists of round arches supported by columns. Windows mark the centers of all the arches.*INDIVIDUALISM* = one of first stuctures used to describe Renaissance architecture

1420 - 1436The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (the Duomo, "dome") was unfinished and Brunelleschi was chosen to create the finishing dome.Flying butresses were used before, but Brunelleschi used a double shell design.To raise the bricks and sandstone beams several hundred feet in the air, Brunelleschi invented a hoist with the world's first reverse gear, allowing them to raise or lower loads of bricks.*INDIVIDUALISM* = cathedral built without flying butress, used own style

1401Brunelleschi entered competition to design a new set of doors for the Florence Baptistry- "The Sacrifice of Isaac" (sculpture)- lost the competition to Lorenze Ghiberti1402 - 1404His disappointment of losing transformed him to an architect. Traveled to Rome with Donatello to admire Roman architecture (Panthenon)*CLASSICALISM* = inspired by Roman architecture

Who was he?

DATE OF BIRTH: 1377PLACE: Florence, ItalyDATE OF DEATH: April 15, 1446PLACE: entombed in the DuomoOCCUPATION: architect, goldsmith, sculptor

The Life of Filippo Brunelleschi

Ospedale delgi Innocenti


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