Filipino Food

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Filipino Food

Filipino Foodby, Jasmine

Basic Facts- People eat 5 meals daily.- People enjoy eating with their family.- 80% of Filipino dishes are based off Spanish food.- Fillipino food is based off of rice just like other parts of Asia.- Coconut milk is used as a oil in the Philipines- When people drink beverages, it is to cool off

Facts and Photos From:

Basic Meat Dishes

Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo is a porridge people like besides chicken soup when they are sick.

Pancit Habhab habhab Habhab

Pancit Habhab is a cheap noodle dish students and other people eat on the go.


Balut is a 17 day old duck egg seved seasoned with rock salt or spicy vinegar.

Halayang Ube


Karre-karre is a stew with many textures that is seved with rice and shrimp pase

Halayang ube is made with purple yam. In this picture, it is made into a jam.


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