Filbert (The Bugle)

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Filbert (The Bugle)

The Bugle

The bugle is a simple instrument that is controlled by the adjustment of a player's mouth. Earlier bugles were used as an early musical or communication instrument named 'horns'. As the name suggests, it was made out of animal horns. Its name comes from the Latin word 'buculus' and French 'bugleret'.

A bugle call is a short tune to signal events in military installation, battlefield or ship. Some of the examples of bugle call are adjutant’s call, alarm, assembly, attention and reveille.

Bugles were also used as a military signal device in Hanover in 1758. It is just used mainly in military and bugle corps. It is just used mainly in military and bugle corps, invented in England in the nineteenth century. The bugle has five notes that can be played.

A horn

The Last PostThe Last Post is a bugle call signalling the end of the day. It is sounded at military funerals to indicate the soldiers who had died and at commemorative services such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.


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