Figure Skating; Pair Skating

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Figure Skating; Pair Skating


One man and woman on a team equal a pair and qualify after a series of test.

Illegal Elements

Jamie Sale` and David Pelleteir of Canada won gold medals in 2002.

Tatiana Tomianina and Maxim Marinin of Russia won Olympic champions in 2006.

Beatrix Loughran and Sherwin Badger of US took silver in 1932.

- Lifts with wrong holds- Lifts with more than 3 ½ rev. of man- Spinning movements in which the main swings the lady around in the air while holding her foot or hand.- Rotational movements involving leg, arm, and neck.- Jumps on one of the partners toward the other partner.

Innsbruck, Austria 2012 (Yu Xiaoyu & Jin Yang)

Vancouver, Canada 2010 (Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo)

The tests you have to take are;Moves in the field, Free skate, Pairs, Compulsory, Free Dance.

Figure Skating Rules; Difficulty of performance, variety, cleanness and sureness, speed.

The United States has not won an Olympic pairs medal since 1988, when Jill Watson and Peter Oppegard took bronze in Calgary. Pair skating is performed in unison by partners with additional of daring difficult overhead lifts, throw jumps and spins. The key of pair skating is to have exact timing and is in unison.

#1 motto of all times, dance to the finish!

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