Figure Skating

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Figure Skating

The most essential piece of figure skating are the skates, ofcourse!Figure Skaters will wear custom made boots, the following are parts of the boot:Boot TongueBladeHeelHollow Toe PicksFigure Skaters will also compete in custom uniforms.

Ice Skating

People originally used skates as means of transportations to travel across frozen lakes and rivers in the winter time. Figure Skating began when people started to incorporate spins and jumps into skating in the 1850's. In 1896, the first mens Worlds Figure Skating Championships was held in Russia; following, the first championships for womens was hosted in 1906, in Switzerland.Figure Skating was the first sport included in the Winter Olympics in 1908.

Ice Dancing

Ice Dancing became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1976. It is a type of Figure Skating, with some different characteristics. Meryl David and Charlie White won the first gold medal in Ice Dancing for the United States.


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Figure Skating


Ice Skating

Fun Facts

*Michelle Kwan, of USA won five World Figure Skating Championships and won a total of nine medals at the event.*American figure skater, Sasha Cohen won the silver medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.*Music with vocals is not allowed to be performed with in the olympics



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