Figurative Language

by LilAlberts
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Language Arts

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Figurative Language





A laugh in a sea of sadnessHe has a voice of a crowHe has a voice of a wolfHe has the heart of a lionHe is the sun of my skyHe swam in the sea of diamondsHe tried to help but his legs were rubberHer hair was bone whiteHer lips were butterfliesHer positive attitude is a lighthouse for the hopefulHis belt was a snake curling around his waistHis plans were rock solid and so were his aimsIdeas are wingsIt's raining menLife is a mere dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy dayLight of their lifeLove is fireShe is a dog when she eatsSpiritual seeking is treasure huntingThoughts are a storm, unexpectedTruth is food for himYou are the light in my life

As alike as two peas in a podAs big as an elephantAs black as coalAs blind as a batAs free as a birdAs fresh as a daisyAs gentle as a lambAs straight as an arrowAs strong as an ox

Personification examples show inanimate objects taking on the same characteristics and traits of a human.

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The flowers begged for water.The wind screamed as it raced around the house.The house was lazy and unkempt.The bit chewed into the horse's mouth.Lightning danced across the sky.Trees bowed to the ground.



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