Fighting in North Africa

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World War II

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Fighting in North Africa

Fighting in North Africa

In the beginning of the campaign the Allies had over 200,000 men, over 1000 tanks, and also had six pound artillery guns. The Germans and Italians had 110,000 men, and 500 tanks.

During the North African campaign oil was a huge reason to fight there. Oil could supply planes and tanks.

The North Africa campaign took place from June 10, 1940 to May 13, 1943. It was fought in Libian and Egyptian deserts it was also fought in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The fighting at the begining of the campaign involved the British and Italy.

The Sherman tank was the main tank the allies used.

Soldiers fighting at Almein

Tank division by Almein

During the North Africa campaign the Allies had complete air superiority due to allied A.A. guns. Since the allies had air superiority the allies could have air support.

Allied planes in North Africa.

There were two legendary commanders that fought the battles of North Africa. Rommel lead the Germans and the Italians while Montgomery lead the Allies.

The battle of El Almein.


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