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Fight Club

Fight ClubWritten by: Chuck PalahniukBy: Annie Neugeboren

This story is narrated by a guy whose name is never told, and his story of how he met Tyler Durden and started fight club. Tyler is a very unique character who knows a lot of how to make bombs and has a rough history aftet his father abandoned him. The narrator tells how his relationship with Tyler helped him in the beginning, but it the end began to destory him. The ending is surprising as you find out who Tyler and the narrator really are and why the fight club was created in the first place.


I would not recommend this book. I rate it a 3 out of 10. It was very confusing and hard to understand. The author jumped from his point of view on life and friendship many times. Many of the sentences didn't make sense, "I am Joe's cold sweat" (39). This sentence but replacing 'cold sweat' with other human functions is seen multiple times throughout the book.



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