Fieldwork Inquiry Assignment Concept Map Sam G and Reinhard V

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Fieldwork Inquiry Assignment Concept Map Sam G and Reinhard V

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Fieldwork Internal Road Improvement Concept Map

These new bins are more appealing than the orignial old green bins. These bins are multipurpose units and wheely bins are able to fit inside the unit. This will improve image of the internal road because the bins allow people to dispose of the rubbish and keep the road clean. The bins are an improvement in attractivness, convenience and useful.

The new benches are more comfortable and clean compared to the old orignal benches. These new benches can seat many more people than the old benches. These wooden benches add to the comfort and image as they are sitable and attractive. The seats are more welcoming and add the opportunity to be cooperative between students.

These new tables are lighter than the old metal tables. Thus making it very easy to move where the students want to be. The tables are adding to comfort and image being attractive, clean and sitable which are key aspects in the design of a good table. Improved interactive, welcoming and friendly as the table allows people to gather.

The walkways will add shade and protecting from the sun and other weather such as rain. These new walkways add accessibility because it is convenient, walkable and it connects all of the internal road. The new walkways are safe and useful.

TV's on the internal road will allow people to interact on the internal road on special occasions. The TV's will televise special events and will improve Celebratory, special and useful qualities on the internal road.

Satchel open lockers allow people to store their satchels in an individual compartment rather than on a hook. These lockers will make the internal road cleaner, useful and attractive as the satchels will be out of the way of the walkways.

Repaving and Recolouring the road will uplift and renew the internal road for all Citipointe students. Repaving the road will improve the accessiblity and comfort by making it more walkable and convenient. The new colour yellow will add to the image of the road.


Undercover Walkways





The Internal Road

Satchel Lockers





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