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Field Guide

Saddleboro Field GuideBy: Lindsay Postizzi


Mallard Duck

Marsh Hawk



Yellow Ants



I'm a common wetland plant that could grow up to 10 feet tall! I'm frequently eaten by wetland animals.

I am a bird of prey found in marshes and meadows in North America.

We are a perrenial flower native to North American woods. Our juice is red and poisonious. Our flowers are pollinated by bees and flies.

We are greagrious animals that live in wetlands. We love to eat water plants and small animals.

Often eaten, I'm a fast growing aquatic or semi-aquatic plant. My perrenial small, green and white flowers grow in clusters.

AKA the Meadow Ant, we often live in meadows and are usually seen in July or August evenings. Our colonies often have more than one queen.

I am the smallest flowering plant. Duckweed is used to remove excess nutrients or toxic materials from water bodies.

I'm an oily freshwater fish with scales and teeth. Carp is located all over the world.


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