Field Experience

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Field Experience

Brinton Elementary2nd Grade

Classroom Participation:I made it my goal to get to know each of the students individually while in the class and it was a pleasure! I spent a lot of time observing the class, working with small groups of students or sitting one on one with an individual student. The mentor teacher understood the importance of spending as much time as possible with the children and encouraged and provided for interaction time.

Insights Gained:The mentor teacher’s philosophy is to make her classroom a place of joy where the students enjoy coming. She always keeps in mind that they are just 7 years old and there needs to be fun in their day. Her attitude toward the students: love, patience, understanding, expectation and respect, in my mind went far. Every student in that class felt included and important. She shared with me her lesson plans and we talked about strategy, rearranging the curriculum (how and where to do it), effective discipline, classroom organization, parent teacher conferences and everything in between. The value for me came in seeing the level of care she had for each student and the level of admiration they had for her. Yes, there were IEP students, Hispanic students, Black students etc and they were all expected to perform at their best and there was no bias. However, in saying all that, I think this class has really helped me see that there is a tremendous amount of value in multicultural and culturally responsive teaching. There are moments in the day of this classroom that I could see cultural views being expanded and they are not taken advantage of. Read aloud is dedicated to the 'My Weird School' series, but could be an opportunity to look at other cultures through multicultural literature. "Bellwork' is currently using nonfiction texts, but it could be using historical figures just as easily and it would add more value than text about birds and fish. The Hispanic and Black populations at this location are growing and I think those students, who are commonly surrounded by white peers would love to see the contributions of Black and Hispanics to the history of the US or Arizona. Even races and countries that are not represented in the classroom can be given an introduction to broaden the students' view of the world. I think the kids in this classroom are doing a wonderful job and I think the teacher I worked with is a fantastic teacher, but this class has shown me how to take it a step further and why that is so necessary.

Glog by:Angela Conway

Setting: There is a sign upon entering that says this classroom runs on love, laughter and Diet Pepsi and it is remarkably true. The bright beach-themed classroom is full of 25 diverse and talkative 2nd graders. They are excited to see a new face and my nervousness melts away at their candor and genuineness. There is a fair amount of technology, lots of organization and absolutely no yelling

Learning Objectives:1. I will learn how to organize an effective lesson plan that centers around a cultural theme and supports the common core.2. I will develop strategies for identifying students who are struggling academically or socially (assignments, visual cues or social interactions).3. I will understand the value of working literature into the curriculum and how to do it.

"My hart is complete with you for the last three months I forgot how many months it lasted you helped us when we needed help you were there when we needed it. You brighten us forever."~ 2nd grader at BrintonI feel the same way. That class is like a family; so close. And they let me into their world. I nearly cried my last day!


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