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Field Experience

HOSTI am working for the HOST program at Hammond Elementary, four days a week, for my summer alternative field experience. I currenly am working for the HOST program at Schwarzkopf Elementary and will continue on for the summer. I will be teaching ZULA, a science program, doing read alouds, and craft time.

Robin Garvin's Alternative Field Experience

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Childhood ExperiencesI spent all of my summers at Camp Timberlane in Ohio. I would typically camp in tents for 7-10 days and would participate in many acitivites. We always focused on friendship and confidence. They also taught us how to build a fire, how to survive if lost in the woods, plant and animal facts, and much more. I've always held those memories of camp quite close to my heart. I made many friends and will always have plenty of stories to tell. These memories are what encouraged me to be a camp counselor



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