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Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was born in 1926 and he is still alive today.He lived on a sugar plantation as a kid. He did well in school and was good in sports. When he was in high school he got interested in law. He went to the University of Havanna where student activism and violence was common. Castro get a accused of a murder of a rival student leader after he joined the Union Insurreccional Revolucnaria. This group was a gang in the school. When his was 23, he was in the Bogotazo riots after the liberal party leader Jorge E. Gaitan was assasinated. He stole a rifle from a Police station and joined a mob and roamed the streets.

Major events

When he was 26 Castro married Diaz-Balart. Her family was wealthy & had political power over the Cuban military. After a few years they were divorced and Castro started studying fascism and communism. He joined an orthodox party in 1947 after he graduated school. In early 1952, Castro began campaigning for a seat in Congress as a replacement in the orthodox party. The election never took place. Because of this, then Castro attacked the Moncada military barracks in Oriente Province. Castro was captured & went to prison for 15 years. When he was released in 1956, he made an army consisting of 80 men. They ran into the Moncada military they were attacked and only 12 of his men survived. Castro fled to the mountains just outside the capital. When he heard people weren't happy with Batista's actions. He started an anti-Batista campaign. After this campaign all the protestors were shot and killed. Everyone left Batista's side and called Castro the new leader. .


Fidel Castro

His life

How he came to power

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On January 1, 1959 Castro began public trials and executions of criminals from Batista's regime. He became friends with the Russians. The United States then stopped giving oil to Russia. Then castro stole the oil riggs from the United States near Cuba.The United States made the Bay of Pigs invasion toward Cuba. It failed. Castro then set up missles pointed toward the United States. He made free schooling and health care available to all Cubans. After this, the Soviet Union collapsed and this left Cuba alone with no support. This caused economic problems that led to food shortages. Later on, Cubans started moving to America. In 2006, he got sick and handed his Presidency temporarily to his brother Raul. In 2008 he resigned.


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