Fiddle Art 4

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Fiddle Art 4

Angel Wings, BHS

Fiddle Art Gift Shop!Sponsored by the BHS Orchestra

We are honored to have our ever-popular collection of original, one-of-a-kind fiddles on display and for sale at the Village Artist's Gallery in the Village at Sandhills. Thank you to the Village Artists, The State Newspaper, and WLTX for their interest and coverage of our project! This project is guided by professional artist Sherry Larson and each fiddle is created from concept to completion by BHSO students. Each fiddle is @ 30"x12" and made of 1/2" plywood. Please visit the Village Artist's gallery to see the fiddles in person. Art by BHS Students (BHS)=$50 / Art by Professional Artist Sherry Larson (S.L.)=$75 Custom orders are available and welcomed; please email to discuss your project and pricing.

Guitar within..., BHS

Hearts, BHS

Lucky, BHS

Spring, BHS

Sunset Beach, BHS

C.T. Sneaker, BHS

Mardi Gras, BHS

BHS Bengal, S.L.

Trompe l'Oeil, S.L.

-On the Beach, by Sydney Larson, Katy Bailes, Larissa Lasseter, Dominique Marason, Sherry Larson-Angel Wings, by Zana Squire, Rehema Thomas, Corina Samuel, Rachel Burns-Guitar within..., by Dartanyan Ball, Krista Nelson, Quiana Cohen, Matt Clark-Hearts, by Dominique Marason, Katy Bailes, Tyrissa Butler-Lucky, by Victoria Ridings, Tyrissa Butler, Tauntiana Lara, Joseph LeGrand

Left click/hold the frames below to enlarge the picture

- Ballet, by Krista Nelson-SC License Plate, by Katy Bailes, RJ McDowell-Spring, by Jaden Casarez, Rehema Thomas, Corina Samuel, Jessica Plants, Rachel Burns, Victoria Ridings-Sunset Beach, by Zana Squire, RJ McDowell, Quiana Cohen, Katy Bailes-Spider Pig, by Katy Bailes-Mardi Gras, by Victoria Ridings, Krista Nelson, Quiana Cohen

-Music, by Hayley Belton, Zack Wankowski, Larissa Lasseter-C.T.Sneaker, by Krista Nelson, RJ McDowell, Tauntiana Lara, Rachel Burns, Quiana Cohen, Victoria Ridings-Stained Glass, by Chessa Lara, Jumenice Johnson, Jori Kelly, Joseph LeGrand, Quiana Cohen-Trompe l"Oeil, by Artist Sherry Larson and Luthier Damir Horvat-BHS Bengal, by Artist Sherry Larson

Stained Glass, BHS

Sunset Palm, BHS



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