[2015] Amy Hamilton (Spring 01): Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

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Language Arts

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[2015] Amy Hamilton (Spring 01): Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Apply 1: Click the picture to put your genre knowledge to use!

Apply 2: Click the picture to test yourself on genres!

Objective:Students will learn about fiction and non-fiction genres in order to make a classroom poster comparing the two.

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Assessment: Students will be assessed on content, accuracy of information and appearance.

Lesson: Differentiate between fiction and non-fiction genres.

Teach 1: Watch video to learn about genres.

Using what you learned in this lesson, make a poster comparing Fiction and Non-Fiction genres.

Teach 2: Click the picture to learn more about genres.


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    Might be a bit confusing with Apply instead of Practice or Skill as the heading. Apply usually goes along with assessment and the glogs looks like it has 3 assessments.