[2014] Antonio Pellegrino (10D04): Fibre Optics

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[2014] Antonio Pellegrino (10D04): Fibre Optics

Fibre optics are very long strands of pure glass. The diameter of one fibre is about the diameter of a strand of human hair. Optical Cables are bundles of fibre optics. They are used to transmit light signals over long distances.Fibre Optics have a variety of uses. They are used in medical procedures, telecommunications, and data storage. In recent years, broadcast companies such as Rogers and Bell have been integrating fibre optics into their broadcast systems.


1854 - John Tyndall confirmed that light signal can be bent.1880 - Alexander Graham Bell transmitted a voice signal on a beam of light1888 - A medical team in Vienna used bent glass rods to illuminate body cavities.1895 -French engineer Henry Saint-Rene designed a system of bent glass rods for guiding light images in an attempt at early television.1997 - A long transatlantic fibre optic telephone cable named FLAG (Fibre-optic Link Around the Globe) was laid between London, England and Tokyo, Japan.Present - Fibre optic technology is used in medical, military, telecommunication, industrial, data storage, networking, and broadcast industries.

Advantages Over Copper Wires

-Thin-High Carrying Capacity-Low Signal Degradation-Low Power-Non Flammable-Flexible

Parts That Compose a Fibre Optic



How It's Made

-Fibre optic cables are more expensive then copper cables per metre.-Very fragile.-Fibre optic cables are affected by chemicals such as hydrogen gas. This can be very problematic for cables laid underwater.-Fibre optics is known to become opaque when exposed to radiation.

What is it?

The CORE is the thin glass centre of the fibre where the light travels.The CLADDING is the outer optical material surrounding the core that reflects the light back into the coreThe BUFFER COATING is the plastic coating that protects the fibre from damage and moisture.


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