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+The Fibonacci sequence begins with 1 and 1 and each succeeding number is the sum of the two preceeding numbes -For example: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...+The Fibonacci sequence was created when Fibonacci was trying to answer the rapidly reproducing rabbits question.+The rapidly reproducing rabbits question was introudced in his book the Liber abaci. -How many pairs of rabbits can be produced if each pair produces a new pair every month each new pair reproduces starting at the age of one month and the rabbits never die?+The Fibonacci sequence appears in nature thousands of ways such as the bracts in the pinecones, the seed arrangement in the sunflowers, and the scales in the pinecones.+Fibonacci wrote many problems involving perfect numbers. A perfect number is considered if you add all the possible divisors of the number except itself and end up with the beginning number.

Fibonacci was born in 1175 in Pisa, Italy.Fibonacci's real name is Leonardo of Pisa, or Leonardo Pisano.His father, Guilielmo, was a customs officer for Pisa in the North African Town of Bugia.While in Bugia with his father, Fibonacci was educated by the Moors (an Arabic people).Fibonacci died in 1240.



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