Fibonacci Series

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Fibonacci Series

Fibonacci Series

Leonardo of Pisa or Pisano known as Fibonacci, son of Bonacci was born in 1175 in Pisa, Italy.He was a great mathematican he master; arts of geometry, arithmetic,trigonometry, algebra.His father Guilielmo Bonacci work on a company in the port of Bugia. As a child Fibonacci travel a lot with Bonacci, and it was there where he learned about Hindu-Arabic numeral system.He died on 1250.

Series goes like this:0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,...

The Golden Ratio has 3 names; divine proportion, golden mean, or golden section.

The Golden Ration is when you divide a line in two parts so thatthe longer part divided by the smaller partis also equal tothe whole length divided by the longer part!

The Golden Ration NatureAn example of nature is on a plant, in spiral shells.Pineappless, sunflower,pinecone etc.

An attempt to solve a sum about the reproduction of rabbits gave the birth to the sequence known today by Fibonacci!

The Golden Ratio Human BodyAn example is in a human hand:

Melanie Fuentes 7D #9 Miss Perla

Golden Ratio Symbol

To get the series you need to add the two numbers before it.

The Golden Ratio ArtAn example of art is in the Greek Architecture:


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