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-This creates jobs for working-class persons in Vancouver and Whistler, helping the currently struggling economy.- This provides homeless persons with warm shelter during the harsh, cold winter.-The government is opening around 450 shelters throughout Canada for the Olympics.

People are protesting in Vancouver, as well as many other places in Canada because the government are spending too much one the Olympics and too little on helping the homeless. Some people were not aloud to run with the torch because of the degree of certain protesters.-The government is hiding the issue of homelessness, by putting some homeless people into shelters.-The government is simply worsening the situation of the homeless, because after the Olympics they plan to put them back onto the streets, and they won't be used to the cold streets.-The government has spent over 1.6 billion dollars on the Olympics when instead, they could have used that money to help those living in poverty.-Homeless persons who wish to stay at these shelters must go to Squamish. Transportation to the Squamish shelters are provided, however, it is only one-way.

The Government of Canada has taken 500,000 people off the street for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. However, once the Olympics are over, they plan to close the shelters, and put the homeless back onto the streets, they are sheltering the less fortunate as an attempt to ‘hide’ the problem of Vancouver’s/British Columbia’s/Canada’s homelessness issue. By the time of the Olympics, there could be at least 3000-6000 homeless persons still out on the street. Along with this, the government is ridding East Vancouver of 450 dumpsters, so that the homeless do not go inside them, or look inside them for objects.

Social Issue : Temporary Housing for the Homeless

Social Issue Reporter: Jordan O'Donnell





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