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Few Ingredient Fix

Few Ingredient Fix

These delicious, peanut butter concoctions coated in a hard, chcolate shell are sure to leave your dessert plate in an instant.

Sweet Conclusions In conclusion, I belive that the two recipies I have provided satify many daily desires. For example, these desserts only take a few ingredients, provide amazing richness, and don't even leave a dent in your wallet. So, the next time you're stumped on what to make for dessert, wow your family with these delicious recipies (but no one needs to know how simple it really was.)

Delicious Dilemmas Have you ever had that certain craving for something chocolate-y, delicious, and rich but at the same time, without all the goumet price and energy? Well, for the many of you that have been a victim to this predicament, I have a scrumptious solution. These 2 recipies I have are sure to fulfill any and all cravings with just a few easy ingredients, amazing richness, and without a strain in your wallet.

A Simple Solution The first simple recipe I gave prepared are known as "Peanut Butter Chocloate Trufflies" and feature the simple, 4 ingredients pictured above. Along with the next recipe, this one, as mentioned before, contains just a few easy-to-find ingredients which include peanut butter, confectionary sugar, butter, and your favorite chocloate. Easy to find and simple ingredients are an essential part to a hunger satisfying dessert. In addition to the "Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles," the next recipe features just three ingredients: Oreo cookies, cream cheecse, and chocolate. What more could you ask for?

Raging Richness One of the amazing features about these two recipies is that the both provide an amazingly satisfying, rich taste. It's small, marble size helps with great portioning and having just one will give you that taste every chocolate lover wants. All you have to do is merely combine the Oreos and cream cheese, form them into small, ball shapes, and dunk it into your favorite choclolate.

You'll be sure to love these tasty, elegant looking truffles without the burden of exerting so much time and energy.

On a Budget? No Problem. Making and delicious creations on a budget can be tricky when it comes to chocolate. Fortunately, these recipies are sure to satisfy without a strain in your wallet. For example, just one serving of this recipe makes a whopping 40 "Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles" that costs a mere $7.38. Similarly, the "Oreo Chocolate Truffles" are and incredibly low amount of just $6.68.


  • s5tcogamc 4 years ago

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    Laila Cook - Can you make me one of these some day? ; I love how all the steps have pictures ; maybe change the font of your final step.

  • snuwrh2jn 4 years ago

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    Lexie-I Love the layout and the deesserts and pictuires. But maybe make it a little easier to tell which paragraph comes first? And why did you do desserts? Why not pasta or something from your culture?

  • s4byuaubu 4 years ago

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    First off i like the backgrounds and pictures. but my only problem is it the font on the last two cards is hard to read.

  • sga3s4tue 4 years ago

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    Skyler Baker. I love the colors and backgrounds and how it goes together. Maybe you could make some fonts match.