fever Taylor and Jordan

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fever Taylor and Jordan

Fever expresses real things that happened in 1793 in Philadelphia, like the Fever that killed millions of people. They didn't have stores like we do. So when the Fever comes around the farmers don't want to give them the food or sell it to them. They had to use what they had.Mattie Cook lives with her mother and her old grandfather. At the Cook's Coffeehouse. When some scary things happen! Her world gets turned upside down! Can she survive?We really liked the book! It had some really good parts! It was happy in some parts, sad in other! You should really read Fever 1793!

Fever 1793By:Laurie Halse Anderson

Mattie-brave, strong, loyal, bold, patient, kind, funMother-strong, bold, protective, worrisome, kindGrandfather-bold, caring, loyal, courageous, candy giving, lovingNathaniel-polite, patient, proper, unselfish, caringEliza-loyal, honest, patient, bold, unselfish, loving

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