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fever meghan emma

Fever 1793

by:Laurie Halse Anderson the charaters are : Eliza Mattie,grandfather,Nathaniel,Mother

The book "FEVER" was set in 1793 in Pennsylvania. Most of the book took place at Cook's Coffeehouse. Yellow fever broke out. It was a disease that was transmitted by mosquitos, but they didn't know that back then. More than 6,000 people died because of it. During that time, Mattie and Mother got sick with yellow fever but survived. I would recommend the book to children ages 7 to 13.

MATTIE, hardworking, lazy, likable, weak, thoughtful

MOTHER, grouchy, bitter, watchful, unkind, protective

NELL, small, caring, young, weak, sensitive

ELIZA ,tusthworthy, caring strong, helpful, hardworking

NATHANIEL, dreamy, flirtaitious, trustworthy, loving, comfrting


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