Fever 1793

by kayleeavila
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Fever 1793

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Historic Fiction Book ReportBy: Kaylee Avila

Fever 1793 By: Laure Halse Anderson

Characters & Setting



Lucielle Cook, the mother gets yellow fever. Matilda and her grandmother is sent to the Ludington's farm so they don't get sick.

Mattie's mother is better and Matilda is all grown up, She now owns the Cook Coffeehouse.

Winter has come and all of the mosquitos are dying out, causing yellow fever to go away.

The Grandfather dies and Matilda finds a little girl who is abandoned, like her, so she takes care of her.

Fourteen year-old Matilda Cook is living in the harsh time of yellow fever disease. A disease that can ruin your body and kill you. She looses many friends and family during her struggles. Mattie struggles to survive this deadly disease while on her own. It's a challenge she must take.

Characters>Matilda (Mattie) Cook- main character, 14 years-old, independent>Grandfather- Mattie's grandfather, soldier>Nathaniel Benson- painter, Mattie's boyfriend>Eliza- free African American woman, Mattie's best friendSetting>Philadelphia in 1793, mainly in the Cook Coffeehouse


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