Fever 1793 By: Jennah Berman and Garrett White

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Fever 1793 By: Jennah Berman and Garrett White

Fever 1793

By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Fever 1793 is a book that many would recommend to readers of all ages. The story setting begins in the city of Philadelphia,PN in the year 1793. Sluggish Matilda Cook lays in her bed above the family’s coffeehouse. Mattie came rudely awoken by her already tempered mother. She came down and began work. Then she found news of reported cases of undiscovered disease. She did not freight, though. She knew it was a summer's grip. Yet she was wrong. The reported diseases quickly turned in to epidemic. She knew that she needed to leave when her mother got ill. With her wise, imaginative grandfather by her side, she knew the she would be safe. Yet, thinking about

her thoughtful, kind love, Nathenial Benson, she wondered. The wagon tot he country rolled slowly, but her mind was about. What would happen to Nathanial? Where was Mother? With a city overturned by an epidemic, many betrayed loved ones and friends to stay alive. The story's pot rages with a turn of mood and mind on every page. This would be a great book to read on any day. Main Charecters:Matlida(Mattie),Mother,Grandfather,ElizaNathenialReccomended for ages 7-14

1793 Love StoryNathenial+Matilda



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