[2015] Kyleigh McAvoy (Default class): Fever 1793

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[2015] Kyleigh McAvoy (Default class): Fever 1793

By: Laurie Halse Anderson

There are many themes in "Fever 1793." Some may be, survival, friendship, family and many more. The main theme that i'm focusing on is survival. Survival is a very important theme in the novel. The fever was a killing thousands and thousands of people. You either got the fever and lived or died suffering.

Characterization is a very important role throughout all books.Maddie Cook, the main character of the novel. Her conflicts were both internal and external. Man vs Man for food and protection. Man vs Nature for survival from the horrid fever. Also Man vs Self, the battle of losing your sanity in this time. The loss if her grandfather, her mother gone missing, almost dying! Honestly i'm surprised she hadn't gone mad. Mattie was a round character. This meaning she developed throughout the story. The novel began with Mattie, a normal teenager, not wanting to get up, wanting more sleep, having attitude with her family, not wanting to do chores and so on. However when the novel came to an end Mattie had matured. A great amount if i do say so myself. She had no problem with getting up, she cleaned, made food, took care of herself much like mother. Mattie was an extremely strong character. She watched her grandfather die! She stayed calm when she had no clue whether her mother was dead or alive! She found a little girl and took her for her own instead of forcing the orphanage to take her in! Mattie had become like her mother.



If the plot isn't obvious already, its surviving the fever! The fever came out of nowhere and killed thousands and thousands of people. Almost wiping out Philadelphia's entire population in the matter of months. The main idea was do you live or die due to the horrid fever that almost completely destroyed philadelphia! This fever was absolutely unbelievable. Deaths here and there. Constantly. Dead bodies piled along the streets! Rotting, animals eating the corpses. People were being buried everywhere. Underneath the roads. In fields. Just anywhere there was room for a body, there was one. Doctors bleeding people to get rid off pestilence. Killing them of blood lost. Having them drink mercury. So they would vomit or have diarrhea to get rid of pestilence. At hospitals, bed sheets drenched in sweat, blood and black substance that people vomiting up because the fever was killing them from the inside out. People going mad around every corner. Robbers, crazed people ran the streets. Dead bodies hanging from windows. Alongside the streets. Philadelphia 1793 was putrid.Mattie, started off with a normal life in 1793, to have that all taken away from her.Mother catching the fever, which sent mattie and Grandfather to the countryside. Grandfather catches a summer gripee, getting them kicked off the wagon. Mattie cares for her grandfather only to catch the fever herself. Soon after recovery Mattie and grandfather head back to Philadelphia. The coffee house has been broken into, grandfather devastated, blaming himself. The shop broken into again. Grandfather, died that night. Mother is still missing. Mattie shortly after burying her beloved grandfather, finds a little girl; Nell. Following that event, Mattie finds Eliza and joins with her for survival. Meeting Joseph, Mother Smith, William and Robert. Devastatingly, Nell, William and Robert catch this horrid fever. As if a gift from god, the children were spared, frost came, mother came home, Mattie and Nathaniel reunited. Everything was becoming right in Philadelphia


"Great numbers of the citizens have shut up their houses and fled into the country..." -Letter of Ebenezer HazardPhiladelphia, 1793 (Chapter eleven, page 78) Anderson uses these qutoes from real time events from 1793 to forshadow what will happen in he chapter.

Figurative language was used throughout "Fever 1793."Anderson uses many similes, metaphors, personifacation, imagery and much more throughout this novel. One example is:"Life was battle, and Mother a tired and bitter captain."This is a metaphor meaning Mother has been thriving fighting the fever and running the coffee house.


Figurative Language



I would recommend this book to young adults. I say this beacause the book adress some seirous real life topics. So that being, young children should not read the book.



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