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Social Studies
European history

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A European system flourishing between eight hundred and fourteen hundred based upon fixed relations of lord to vassal and all lands held in fee (as for the king) and requring of vassal tenants homage and service.


482-751: Merovingian Dynasty 751-987: Carolingian Dynasty951-1204: Hereditary Rule of Aquitaine By counts of Poitiers924-1229: Hereditary Rule of Counting of Toulouse by counts of Toulouse-Rouergue911-1204: Hereditary Rule of Normady by Vicking Docks of Normady 1328-1589: Vallis Dynasty

Two of the major accomplishments of Charles Martel are his development of knighthood and feudalism. Knighthood is the granting of title to the political leader in monarchy. Feudalism is the granting of land to those who provide military service for the King.

Lasting Impact

Europe's feudal system arose around the ninth and tenth centuries. Feudalism was based on an agreement between a lord, or landowner, and a vassal, a person who received land from a lord. In exchange for land, or a fief, a vassal promised to help his lord in battle. under feudalism, society in western Europe was divided into three groups. Those who fought were the nobles and knights.Those who prayed were the officials of the church. Those who worked were the peasants. Peasants were by far the largest group. Most peasants were serfs, who were not free to move about as they wished.They were tied to the land of their lord.





France, 1000- 1400 A.D.

Feudal System in England


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