Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

What can be done to prevent this condition, illness, or disorder, or what would prevent someone from doing this? Woman can avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

What are treatments regarded this issue, after the fact?There's no cure or specific treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome. The physical defects and mental deficiencies typically persist for a lifetime.

How is this sub-topic related to parental development? Who is impacted?Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are birth defects from the mother of a child consuming alcohol during pregnancy. FAS effects child development and can cause defects such as small eyes and low upper eyelid, upturned nose, flat midface, thin upper lip, and flattened philtrum, mental retardation, central nervous system problems, hyperactivity, delayed development such as motor skills, impaired language development, learning and memory problems.

What are some common and uncommon facts about this topic?common facts.. Alcohol in the mother’s blood passes to the baby through the umbilical cord. There is no known safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy or when trying to get pregnant. All types of alcohol are equally harmful, including all wines and beer. Alcohol is a teratogen, which is a substance that causes developmental malformations in an embryo or fetus. No cure.

What are the financial implications of this topic?Two separate studies by Abel, E.L., and Sokol, R.J. 1991 show an average total cost for FAS in two separate years 1984, and 1987. In the first study, the estimated the total for the nation was $321 million in 1984 for medical treatment and residential care for people with FAS ages up to 21. In the second study, they estimated the total 1987 annual cost at $250 million again for FAS victims up to the age of 21. The lowest estimate for our nation found by Abel and Sokol. More great studies on the finacial impact of FAS can be found at http://fasdcenter.samhsa.gov/Products/cost.aspx

Is there a celebrity or person you know who has dealt with this topic? explainI struggled to find celebrities and gave up due to the fact that those who have FAS, in some cases, makes it difficult for victims to develop the most basic of motor skills, making it so they cannot memorize lines to be an actor or actress and most of the time even function at a high enough level to act, dance, sing to become famous. However I found a website with an interview of a personal case in ability magazine that can be found at this link, http://www.abilitymagazine.com/past/John_ratz/Fetal_Alcohol.html and contains someones interview with someone who was drinking while pregnant and thought it was perfectly fine.

Why is it important to be educated on your topic?Obviously to prevent this disease especially since the only way to prevent FAS is to simply not consume alcohol while pregnant. Most people misconceive what the disease actually is, almost 70 percent of women thought FAS meant an infant was born addicted to alcohol, so it is very important that doctors describe the effects of drinking while pregnant to women before they consume alcohol during pregnancy thinking it is perfectly fine as long as it's on occasion.


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