festivals: non-chronological report

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festivals: non-chronological report

WALT write non-chronological reports about festivals.

Purpose, Audience - for grades 3 & 4 to learn about festivals from other cultures and find similarities to their own festivals.

WILF sturcture -paragraphs1. An intriguing title, eg a question. 2. An opening paragraph which tells readers which festival you are writing about, eg "Diwali is celebrated by..." - who, what, where, when.3. Why it is celebrated. The origins of the festival and the beliefs of the people who celebrate it.4. How it is done, eg lights, candles, gifts, decorations, dress, body art, dances, feasts (food).5. Compare to the ways other festivals the reader might know about, eg Eid, Chinese new year, etc. 6. Each paragraph has a subtitle. 7. Pictures, diagrams and comparison charts.8. Sound clips, videos.

WILF language Features1. Third person - write about other people, not about yourself or the readers (no me I or you. Rather use they or refer to the culture, eg Hindu.2. Objective - write facts only, not opinions. 3. Generic - not how one specific family celebrates the festival, but all the people in the culture.4. Some sentences in passive voice.5. Use descriptive language eg adjectives, adverbs, simile, metaphor (for precision).Remember to use words that grades 3 and 4 will understand. Vary sentence lengths, but not too long.

Follow these steps to plan your report - KWL:K - brainstorm in your groupW - write down & find out what you need to know (use who, what, where, when questions).L - write down what you have learnt (in keyword notes). Then write your report in paragraphs as in 'Structure' above.

Sources - Internet, library books, CD rom. People. Remember to name your sources.Be creative - add a video, recipe, or instructions to make decorations. Or think up some ideas of your own. Search the Internet for a compare/contrast graphic organiser to suit your purpose.

W - who celebrates the festival? Why is it celebrated? Where is it celebrated? When is it celebrated? How is it celebrated?

Venn Diagram to compare/contrast



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