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Language Arts

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-In central Thailand’s provincial capital of Lopburi, about 150km north of Bangkok, the last Sunday in November .-The townspeople have a firm belief that they bring good luck and fortune.-The preamble consists of musical performances and human monkey dances.-The veneration of monkeys dates back to the monkey deity Hanuman and his monkey army, who saved Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, from the clutches of a demon

1) visit the website( http://www.fest300.com/worlds-best-festivals) and choose the most interesting festival for you 2)use a video, 3 photos to introduce your favourite festival.3)write the country of the festival, the date of it, the symbol of it, the starting point of it, the remarkable thing about it, what happens during the festival.4) put it on the class blog, look at your friends' glogster, choose the best, write your reasons.

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the extraordinary festival



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