Fertilizer experiment

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Fertilizer experiment



My Prediction

If the pellet fertilizer was used instead of the liquid fertilizer, then there wouldn’t be a lot of runoff.

After figuring out the difference between the runoff from both pellet and liquid fertilizer, we collected the excess from both different types of fertilizer and found 4oz left from the sod used with the pellet fertilizer. On the other hand, the excess from the sod used with the liquid fertilizer was 11oz. What we started off had the same amount poured into the sod from both pellet and liquid fertilizer. Overall, we found out that there wouldn’t be a lot of runoff if pellet fertilizer was used instead of liquid fertilizer during the experiment.


Our QuestionWhat is the effect of different fertilizers on the amount of fertilizer runoff that appears?

MethodPlace the sods in both trays,Label the trays Liquid fertilizer and Pellet fertilizer, Get a measuring cup and pour ⅔’s cup of water onto the sods,Place 1 lb pellet fertilizer on the foil and wrap the foil around it, then use the hammer to crush the pellets until the pellets become powdery. Pour 16 oz of liquid fertilizer onto a sod and pour a small amount of the pellet powder fertilizer onto the other sod,Bring the light over the sods and wait two days,Get a syringe and collect the leftover liquid fertilizer from the sod in a tray,Pour all the leftover liquid fertilizer into the measuring cup,Measure how much is leftRepeat steps 6-8 for pellet fertilizer.Compare the amount of liquid fertilizer and pellet fertilizer runoff in each measuring cup.

Our Equipment 2 Sods2 Measuring cup1 pound Pellet Fertilizer (6 lb. Fast Acting Lime)16 oz of Liquid fertilizer (VIGORO 32 oz. All Purpose Liquid Plant Food)Measuring scaleWarm Water2 Plastic TraysLightSyringe HammerFoilSticky notes

By: Leah and Jeffrey


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