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Fertile cresent

Fertile Cresent Timeline

Julianna Rech 5-1

Time Line

3500 BC

Sumerians invented the plow for farming.

In the mid. 800's, the Assyrians built up a strong military state. Then two-hundred years later, the Assyrians turned that state into an empire.

The Akkadian Empire collapsed one-hundred years after sargon died.

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In 604 BC, Nebuchanezzaar 11 became King of Babylon.

2300 BC

Sargon became King of Kish. Sargon created the worlds first empire: The Akkadian Empire.

3400 BC

Sumerian Priests created cuniform.

626 BC

1900 BC

Nebuchanezzar ll built a bridge made out of stone across the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and across the Euphrates River.

The Old Babylonians created a system of government and laws under Hammurabi.

The Akkadian Empire

In 750 BC, the Greeks had begun using the Phoenician alphabet alphabet.

A persian man named Zoroaster taught that there was one supreme God.


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