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599 GTB Fiorano (2011)

458 Italia (2013)

Enzo (2003)

F12 Berlinetta (2013)

Enzo Ferrari as a young man!

History of FerrariFerrari began producing its first sports cars in 1947. The first release was called '125 Sport'. During the 1900's, Ferrari had a lot of competitors to face such as Porsche.Ferrari had huge success during their racing campaigns such as winning its first Millie Miglia , Le Mans 24 Hour Race and the Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix in 1951. They also became world champions in 1952.

A professional industry and training artisanship institute was established in Maranello in 1963 due to the rising need for workers.Ferrari became a Limited Liability Company in 1960.For Ferrari to move forward to greater heights in their business, they decided to join with another powerful partner. Ferrari signed an agreement with the Fiat Group by giving them a 50% stake in the company shares. Ferrari began its history as a small racing team called 'Scuderia Ferrari' which was formed ny racing fan, Enzo Ferrari in 1929.Ferrari won its first ever race at the Grand Prix of Rome in 1947. This race was won by the racer Franco Cortese.

Enzo FerrariHe was an avid entrepreneur and motor racing driver who was the legendary founder of Ferrari.Before Scuderia Ferrari was established, Enzo had been working for the Italian car company, Alfa Romeo.Enzo was made a Cavaliere del Lavoro for his contribution to society through the car industry in 1952.He was also rewarded with a Honorary Degree in Mechanical Engineering by Bologna University.

In 1962, Enzo Ferrari was awarded the Hammarskjöld Prize by the United Nations.He was also awarded the Columbus Prize in 1965.In 1970, the president of Italy presented Enzo with the Gold Medal for Culture and Art.In 1987, the F40 was the last car made under Enzo Ferrari's management before he passed away in 1988.In the same year, Enzo also received another Honorary Degree from the University of Modena for Physics. Enzo died on the 14th of August, 1988 in the city of Maranello in Italy. He was born on the 18th of February, 1898 in the town of Modena in Italy.

Ferrari NowIn September 2011, the 458 Sipider was premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Recently, Ferrari obtained up to 2.3 billion Euros for the Luxury and Perfromance cars sector. In 2013, Ferrari unveiled its newest edition 'LaFerrari' at the Geneva Motor Show. Only 499 units had been made and they were being sold for than 1 million pounds.Ferrari has continued to expand their markets by establishing their first dealership in India.

The Manufacturing of a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Engine is created in the engine works. Workers create the 800 parts required to assemble a V12 engine. Metal workers in the engine works are machining in the most detailed components of the engine. It takes around an hour to make a valve which is part of the 800 parts of the engine. They also have to fine tune the crankshaft. The robot drives and shaves the crankshft until it is completely balanced. Excess metal is removed.

In the final assembly line, the Ferrari stops 32 different times. The engine is bolted up to the chassis and wired up. The transmission system has to be fitted into the body of the car too. The shock absorbers and suspension systems are installed into the car in under an hour.

The body travels to the paint shop. Before being painted, the Ferrari receives an anti-corrosion treatment to avoid rust. The body is plunged, tipped and shaken in giant anti-corriosion baths.At the heart of the paint shop is a sealed place with glass. Primer is applied as the first coat for the body of the Ferrari. Robots are programmed to spray primer. Car is transferred into a giant oven where the primer sets and dries. The final coat of paint is applied to the Ferrari. The paint is liquid and it comes out of spinning robots which have been programmed to squirt the right amount of paint. A clear coat of ceramic is applied after the paint has been applied. Bodies are polished until it is as smooth as window glass.

The Ferrari is manufactured in these buildings at the Maranello Ferrari factory:Foundry, Body shop, Engine Works, Paint shop, Leather Upholstery and Final assembly line.The construction of the V12 engine begins in the foundry.Metalworkers cast the two important parts of the engine, the cylinder head and the engine block. A separate mould is made for every engine out of compacted sand and resin. Sand moulds are finished by hand. It takes around 5 hours to hand finsh the moulds for a single V12 engine. All the moulds are pieced together. This will be cast into the cylinder head of a 599 engine.

Chassis is equipped with super tough suspension mats, high strength adheives and meticulous hand wielding.Ferrari's chassis is hand-wielded and body panels are attached.A robot will drive rivets into 180 specific points. Chassis is tested vigorously by a robot with needle-like probes to examine 800 different areas of the chassis to find any flaws in it by comparing it to a computer model.Body shop specialists check for dents and flaws however small they are.


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